The AKO ELECTRONICA philosophy is based mainly on its high-level team of professionals who strive to provide solutions with an equally high level of quality and service to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.In 1971 saw the birth of AKO ELECTRONICA, a manufacturer of electrical material with a deep-rooted desire to excel, to study new technologies and an innovating spirit within the sector that soon started bearing fruit.The company is presently located at Sant Pere de Ribes, 40 Km. from Barcelona. Standing on a surface area of 5,000 m2, its modern installations mean that it can develop the technology necessary for going about its work with the highest guarantee of quality and service.
Компания AKO выпускает следующую продукцию: 
  • промышленные электронные материалы
  • электрические и электронные материалы для рефрижераторов
  • электроника для бытовых приборов
  • материалы для обогрева труб
  • сита
  • Звоните:
     (383) 240-89-02
     630073, г. Новосибирск, ул. Стартовая, 3
    (подъезд со стороны реки Обь)